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Meet the lady who started at the kitchen table of individual houses helping people 

start nonprofits.  

About Antowanna 



From humble beginnings, Antowanna Carpenter started helping individuals start nonprofits from the kitchen table of their homes.  From there, she went on to start a company and training systems designed specifically to help individuals understand the business growth process.  She is an entrepreneur, educator, coach to start-up business owners and expert grant writer.

Antowanna has dedicated over twenty five years of her life helping individuals and companies turn their hobbies, gifts, visions and passions into successful businesses. 

Throughout the years, Antowanna has provided nonprofit and for-profit start-up, coaching as well as grant writing training to thousands of individuals including businesses, government agencies, churches and schools. 

Antowanna is an educator by career and has a master's degree in business.  She has been featured on TCT, Scholar Magazine, various TV and radio shows. Antowanna is inspired by helping to develop organizations that empower communities.

"I see this more of a mission to serve from the things in which I have learned

and observed over the years", says Antowanna.               

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