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About Antowanna 



From humble beginnings, Antowanna Carpenter started helping individuals start nonprofits from the kitchen table of their homes.  From there, she went on to start a company and training systems designed specifically to help individuals understand the business growth process.  She is an entrepreneur, educator, coach to start business owners and expert grant writer.

Antowanna has dedicated over twenty five years of her life helping individuals and companies turn their gifts, visions and passions into successful businesses. 

Throughout the years, Antowanna has provided nonprofit and for-profit start-up, coaching as well as grant writing training to thousands of individuals including businesses, government agencies, churches and schools. 

Antowanna is an educator by career and has a master's degree in business. She has always been interested in helping businesses start and grow. She has various books and courses designed to help individuals understand the business startup and growth process as well as the grant writing.  

"I see this more of a mission to serve from the things in which I have learned

and observed over the years", says Antowanna.               


Nonprofit Start-up & Growth Expert 

 Speaker | Educator


Antowanna specializes in the establishment and educational development of nonprofit organizations.  She started by helping individuals start nonprofits at the kitchen table of their homes. She has helped hundreds of individuals and CEOs start their nonprofit organization.

Antowanna has been featured in Scholar Magazine as well as interviewed by various TV host and networks about her work with nonprofits. After years of working with nonprofits and sitting on various boards, she recognized a need to further help them grow in the area of education and revenue increase and therefore started offering grant writing workshops. She has conducted nonprofit growth and grant writing workshops for thousands of individuals including: government agencies, nonprofits, businesses and churches.  


  Antowanna enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge and skills with individuals and organizations that desire to serve the community.  She birthed her company from learning and understanding the needs of her clients, and she strongly believes in helping to inspire individuals to empower communities!



Helped start and train thousands of nonprofits

Served as Grants Director for several nonprofits and a college

NC Licensed Educator for over 25 years

Created a detailed educational easy to follow course system

Masters degree in business (MBA)

Has created and published educational curriculum, partnering with a large school system

Successfully written many grants, obtaining funding in the millions

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