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Don't risk losing your 501C status, let Antowanna's team file your 990!
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Only  $79

Over 275,000 Nonprofit organizations have lost their 501C exempt status simply because they did not file their 990.


Forgetting to file your 990 not only places you at risk of losing your tax exempt status but it also places you at risk of having to pay taxes from nonprofit income.


Here are 5 FACTS about the 990.





1) The 990 is a form that provides information to the IRS; it's kinda like a tax return but it is not a tax return.


2) You must file even if your nonprofit did not make income.


3) Certain religious, government and political organizations are exempt from filing the 990.

4) You can be charged a penalty if it is filed late.

5) The deadline for filing the 990 is on the 15th day of the 5th month after your fiscal year ends. Example: If your fiscal year ends on December 31st, the due date for filing your 990 is May 15th of the next year.

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