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How to write grants like a pro, even if you have no experience.

What You'll Learn


The Funding Process
Learn the do's and don'ts about grant proposals; how to improve your chances of getting approved and why proposals fail. 

Defining Your Program
Learn how to identify and create a fundable program that gains the attention of grantors. 


Monetizing Your Program
Learn how to properly set up your program budget and ask for grant funding for almost anything.


Submitting Your Application
Gain understanding of the proper way to complete and submit your application. 


Research and Locate Funding 
Learn the proper way to search and find millions of dollars for your specific project. 


Application Approval Process 
Learn what grantors look for when evaluating your program for approval and what to expect once your grant is approved.  



"This course was phenomenal! This grant writing class changed my mindset  and gave me a fundamental start. It was very easy to understand. The course and workbook walked me step by step on how to write a grant.  Immediately, after taking the course, I  took the exact tools that were taught and it positioned me for my first grant of $350,000 in funding." 
Shawn M.- Baltimore, Maryland



"Antowanna's grant writing course  provides many tools and examples. She provides a lot of information in a way that was easy to understand. I highly recommend taking her grant writing class. The course is outstanding!
Crystal M. - Raleigh, NC

Course Curriculum: The C.O.F.F.E.E. CUP Method TM

Method 1: Create
This section will cover...
  • Creating Your Program
  • Measuring Program Success
  • Identifying Outcome Expectations
This section will cover...
  • Organizing and developing your budget
  • How to leverage your money
  • In-kind Gifts
  • Cost/Share Match
Method 2: Organize
Method 3: Funding
This section will cover...
  • The easy way to search and find grants
  • Learn the different types of grants
  • How to identify grants for your specific program(s)
  • Six specific places to find millions of grant funding
Method 4: Forms
This section will cover...
  • The proper way to complete an application
  • How to recognize when funding is available
  • Application submission requirement
  • Understanding supporting documents
Method 5: Efficient
This section will cover...
  • How to measure program efficiency and success  
  • Identify and develop outcome measurements
  • 10 reasons why grants are denied
Method 6: Evaluate
This section will cover...
  • How grants are evaluated
  • Preparing for the Grantor's interview
  • Preparing for monitoring and reporting


Workbook & Sample Grants to download

1. Workbook that walks you through the course

2. Actual approved  grant examples 

3. Private Facebook Group 

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About Antowanna Carpenter

Antowanna specializes in the establishment and educational development of nonprofit organizations.  She started by helping individuals start nonprofits at the kitchen table of their homes. She has helped hundreds of individuals and CEOs start their nonprofit organization.

Antowanna has been featured in Scholar Magazine as well as interviewed by various TV host and networks about her work with nonprofits. After years of working with nonprofits and sitting on various boards, she recognized a need to further help them grow in the area of education and revenue increase and therefore started offering grant writing workshops.


Antowanna has served as Grants Director for a college as well as several nonprofits. She has successfully written and received millions of dollars in grant funding. She is well known for her unique grant writing teaching style and has conducted nonprofit grant writing workshops for thousands of individuals including: government agencies, nonprofits, businesses and churches.  


 Antowanna enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge and skills with individuals and organizations that desire to serve the community.  She birthed this course from learning and understanding the needs of her clients, and she strongly believes in helping to inspire individuals to empower communities!


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